Courier Service Mapping

Courier Service Mapping


When orders are imported into the system via one of the many connection options or uploaded via the spreadsheet loader, it's possible to map the courier service tag received from that channel to a Courier Service or Service Type in Mintsoft. In this guide we will show you how to set up courier service mapping.

Mapping from an Integration

This method directly links a shipping tag from the source (Shopify, eBay, Amazon etc.) to a courier service within Mintsoft, to do this, first confirm the courier service tag you receive on orders. You can get this value from previous orders by viewing the order history comments, or via ExtraInfo - SourceCourierServiceName.
Note: We also list all SourceCourierServiceName values by client here.
1. Click Shipping Management then Courier Service Mapping.
2. Next, click Create New then complete the following information:

SourceThe source of the orders, e.g. eBay, Amazon, Shopify.
ClientThe Client that the mapping applies to
Courier ServiceThe courier service you want Mintsoft to set these orders to, e.g. DPD Next Day.
NameThe tag from the order source, needs to match exactly what we receive e.g. Next Day Delivery Before 3PM.
Note: There's a character limit of 60 characters for the Name field of a courier service mapping.

Use of special characters

When creating the courier service on the order source integration, please use alphanumeric characters only, some special characters can cause the mapping to fail.

Courier Service Type Mapping (Shipping Rules)

With this approach, you don't map the shipping method tag name to a courier service, and instead, map it to a Shipping Type e.g. Standard or Express. You're then able to use our Courier Service selection rules to work out how orders are shipped.

Typically this is used if your sales channel supplies a tag such as "1-2 days express delivery" but you then want the system to assign different services based on the weight or value of the order.

Example: For Express Shipping, you may want to use rules like:
  1. 0-2kg: RM Tracked 24.
  2. 2-5kg: DPD Next Day Express.
  3. 5-30kg: DPD Next Day Parcel.
To set this up:
1. Click Shipping Management then Courier Service Mapping.
2. Next, click Create New then complete the following information:
TypeThe source of the orders.
ClientSelect All or a specific client.
Courier ServiceLeave blank, this must be left blank in order to use types.
Courier Service TypePick the type, normally this is Standard
NameThe tag from the order source, it needs to match exactly what you receive.

Need more help?

If you need more help, no problem. Please raise via our 3PL Ticket Desk, and the Team will be happy to help. 

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