Managing Purchase Orders

Managing Purchase Orders


In this guide we will show you how to add, view and delete Purchase Orders (POs), in your account. 

Before you Start

Before you start, we would recommend creating your Suppliers in your account. How to do this is explained in the below guide:

Adding Purchase Orders

1. Click Dashboard (left menu) > Purchase Orders > Add PO:

2. On the Purchase Orders page, click  (top right)
3. On the Create Purchase Order page, fill in details such as Supplier, Warehouse, Shipping Cost, PO Reference & any other additional Comments and once done, click  (bottom right): 

4. On the next page, add items to the Purchase Order (PO). This can be done manually, by selecting existing SKUs to build the PO or alternatively, if you have a large volume of items to add, this can be done via a CSV upload instead (On the Upload Items tab):

5. Once all Items have been added, you can  and/or  (top left).

Please Note: When adding POs, there are a couple of important points to follow:
  1. Please make sure that the carton quantity entered, matches the amount of labels/paperwork attached. If preferred, the courier labels can also be generated in Mintsoft  
  2. The contact number of the recipient is mandatory information. If this information is not know, you can include the GEE main contact number instead - (0) 2039 151 930

Viewing Purchase Orders 

1. Click Dashboard (left menu) > Purchase Orders Overview
2. On the Purchase Orders page, you can view any raised Purchase Orders (you can also apply filters to show only specific PO statuses - All, Open, Confirmed, PartSentToASN, SentToASN & Cancelled):

3. Within the Actions column, click Actions > Manage PurchaseOrder:
4. On the Manage Purchase Order page, you can view Items, Details, History, Attachments & ASNs associated to the PO - these can be viewed via the relevant tabs (top right):

Deleting Purchase Orders 

1. Click Dashboard (left menu) > Purchase Orders Overview
2. On the Purchase Orders page, find and select the PO you wish to delete
3. Within the Bulk Actions drop-down, select the Delete option and then click 

Need more help?

If you need more help, no problem. Please raise via our 3PL Ticket Desk, and the Team will be happy to help. 

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