Shipping on Pallets - Best Practises

Shipping on Pallets - Best Practises


In this guide, we will go through best practises for when you are shipping on pallets. Not only will following these practises allow us to provide you with the quickest, and most cost-effective service,  it will also protect our staff, allow processes to be adhered to and assist courier/hauliers when collecting the pallets, as they will have the optimal experience transporting them. 

Shipping on Pallets - Best Practises

  1. A good quality of pallet should be used – remember your pallet will be transferred between several different vehicles, vessels and facilities on its journey to us. It must be stable and undamaged to withstand this journey
  2. The Pallet base must be of robust construction and suitable for the type of goods carried upon it
  3. The Pallet can have no missing boards or chocks
  4. Goods should NOT overhang the wooden pallet base on any side
Please load goods onto the pallet securely and safely
  1. Goods must be secured adequately to the pallet with the use of good quality banding/wrapping
  2. All goods must be firmly and properly secured to the pallet base by shrink-wrap, fibre or steel banding, chains, or any other appropriate means
  3. Once goods have been placed onto the pallet, they must not overhang the pallet edge
  4. Goods must be stable when packed or placed on the pallet
  5. To check stability of your pallet, perform a ‘PUSH TEST’. If you push the goods and they move or topple, they are not safe enough to travel
  6. Pallets should not exceed the standard size of UK 1000 mm x 1200 mm, and must be within the height and weight maximums for the size entered, as below. Goods must NOT overhang the pallet edges.
Requirements for storing in racking/high-bay locations
  1. Maximum gross weight of 500kg per Pallet
  2. Must be Standard UK Pallets (1200 x 1000mm) or EPAL/EURO Pallets (800 x 1200)
Please Note: If the requirements on weight, height, overhang and stability are not met, then we may re-palletize the inventory on to a suitable pallet upon arrival to our facility. This will be at an additional cost, and ensures the inventory can be stored, moved and handled safely. 
  1. Pallets exceeding 500kg gross weight must be stored on a ground warehouse location, which may subject you to premium storage charges
  2. Pallets with significant overhang or exceeding 1.5m in height will be stored in an Oversize Pallet warehouse location, which incurs a premium storage charge over regular pallet locations

Need more help?

If you would like more information on these best practises, please raise via our 3PL Ticket Desk, and the Team will be happy to help.

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