Viewing Order Statuses

Viewing Order Statuses


In this guide, we will show you how to view your different Sales Order tracking statuses, and explain what these statuses mean, 

Viewing Order Statuses

1. Click Dashboard (left menu) >Orders and then click Overview:

2. On the Orders page, use filters, or the search field provided, to find the order number:

3. Once the Order has been located, you can view the status of the order via the Order Status column:

The Order Status column will show the status of the order - these different statuses are explained below:
  1. New - the order has been created on the system and stock has been allocated
  2. Printed - the dispatch note for the order has been printed
  3. Cancelled - the order has been cancelled and all stock has been returned
  4. Despatched - the order has been despatched
  5. Invoiced - the order has been despatched, and all applicable charges for processing the order have been confirmed
  6. Holding - the order has come into the systems and not all products are in stock. A decision will need to be made on whether to split the order into two parts, to despatch what products are available and place the other on back order, to place the whole order on back order or alterntivately to cancel the order completely
  7. Failed - this is used if there is a system issue and the order could not be created. GEE will be made aware of this however please contact the Team should you wish to discuss further 
  8. On Back Order - the order has been placed on back order, awaiting new stock 
  9. Awaiting Confirmation - the order is awaiting confirmation before any further action is taken
  10. Awaiting Documentation - the order requires additional documentation to be provided before it can be processed. E.g. a commercial invoice may be required, for instance
  11. Awaiting Additional Item - the order is awaiting an additional item. E.g. a drop-ship order is being combined with a standard warehouse order 
  12. Awaiting Payment - the order has been marked as awaiting payment. E.g. an order with a pro forma invoice is awaiting payment to be received prior to any further action
  13. Query Raised - the order has a query against it that will need to be resolved before it can be processed 
  14. Pack and Hold - the order has been picked and packed but is currently on-hold. E.g. this could relate to pre-orders, which need to be shipped on a specific date
  15. Awaiting Picking -the order is currently waiting to be picked
  16. Picking Started - picking has been started on the order but is not yet complete
  17. Picked - the order has been picked and is ready to be packed
  18. Fraud Risk - there is  fraud risk marked against the order 
  19. Picking Skipped - this will be shown if it has not been possible to pick certain items, which has resulted in these being skipped from picking
  20. Packed - the order has been packed and is currently awaiting despatch 
  21. Awaiting Replen - there are items on the order that need to be replenished before they can be despatched 
  22. Processing - the order has an Amazon FBA replenishment in progress
  23. Rebinned - the order was part of a batch which was bulk picked into a tote and has since been moved into another tote 

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